As foreseen by visionary printing industrialists, such as Alon Bar-Shany, many years ago, and like so many other industries, digital technology has made it’s mark on the printing industry. Moving printing into an exciting new chapter in its history. A history that started almost 600 years ago with Johannes Gutenberg and the inception of the printing press in 1440.

Today, printing technology faces a new milestone as it takes another step forward. Nearly recreating the fundamental mechanics of the printing press as it embraces digital technology.

Introduced in the market almost 20 years ago, the digital printing press has come a long way. Emerging from it’s infancy as advances in digital printing technology meets, and even surpasses, the quality and efficiency of traditional offset printing.

Today, digital printing technology comes into its own with the release by HP of the Indigo 10000 at Drupa 2012. The most productive sheet-fed digital press on the market, with up to 4600 full 29 inch/75 cm sheets per hour.

As digital printing presses consolidate their position in the industry, it will be those printing houses that invest in digital technology that will reap the most benefit. Saving costs from better efficiency and turnaround times, as well as a surprisingly clear and rich image.
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